We believe that we are called to serve marginalized people through faith-based Harm Reduction. This takes various forms, depending on who we are working with and what their needs are.

We believe in honoring and respecting each individual’s journey.

No judgement. Just Love. We are about one mission:

Extending Hope. Extending Life.

Our Services

Homeless Outreach

Our local homeless population consists of not only individuals in shelters, but also a large number of people who live in “tent cities”. 

We work to ensure they have food, clothing, and hygiene products, as well as help them to carry out trash from the sites. We also use donated durable medical equipment to help set up safe toilets for residents. 

Our homeless outreach is based solely on the donations of supporters of Olive Branch Ministry. We are blessed by the donations of food, money, and supplies to help make our work with the homeless possible. 

Harm Reduction/Syringe Exchange/Naloxone Distribution

In partnership with organizations near and far, we offer harm reduction services to
seven counties located in the Footills of North Carolina.
Some of our services include Syringe Exchange, Naloxone (Narcan) distribution, Fentanyl Test StripsPeer Support, and HIV/HepC testing.

We offer referrals to mental health, substance abuse, social services and STI case management to our program participants.

Most importantly, we offer nonjudgmental assistance to those we serve.
We honor the individual’s personal journey at all times.

Education and Consulting

Olive Branch Ministry offers education on the following topics:

Harm Reduction 101
Faith-based Harm Reduction
Naloxone/Narcan Administration
Syringe Exchange
Support for Families Impacted by Substance Abuse
Starting a Harm Reduction Ministry in Your Faith Community